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Tattoo Removal

At Artistic Salon&Spa, we do not use laser devices as a way to remove your tattoo. Lynn whom specializes in tattoo removal will remove where it is not needed using a tattoo removal liquid.

The process requires using micro pigmentation machine, but instead of dipping into pigment, we'll be dipping into tattoo removal liquid. An example would be a client with a permanent make up eyebrows to large for the shape of her face. What we'll do for this client is draw an outline of what will be remove and then reconstruct the eyebrows shape to fit your face. Tattoo removal can also be applied to old tattoo colors that faded to an unwanted color or permanent lip that is uneven.

Depend on what you would like to correct or remove, it can all be done. There's no worries of infection, scarring, or pain. The procedure take 2-3 times to fully remove the old pigment from your skin. 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.

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