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Permanent Freckles Tattoo

Freckles, like large breasts and thick hair, are one of those "grass is greener" physical traits: Many who have them would rejoice in their disappearance and sometimes resort to covering them with foundation, and those who lack them are wont to lament their unbearably basic skin. After all, what gives a face more character than a smattering of adorable, tiny sunspots?

Then again, the same sun exposure that creates natural freckles can, over time, cause wrinkles, blotchiness and, worst of all, skin cancer. For freckle enthusiasts (including yours truly), it's quite a predicament. But now, there may be a better option: freckle microblading. 

You may often ask commonly questions like how long does the cosmetic treatment last? Is the process painful? Are microbladed freckles safer than natural freckles? And is this something that real people are actually doing? 

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